About Us

Wooden Letters.net has been the go to source for military bases, businesses, schools and parents looking for quality lettering to fit their needs. We love working with customers to get exactly what they need, not just what we offer. You can send us a picture of the area with a known dimension and we can set up your order to fit that area. This can be a sign, a wall for a brick and morter store or an interior wall.

Each letter is setup and cut on our precision equipment designed for cutting letters. While we do cut some other products and materials, our business is letters. We have produce millions of letters since 2003 and know this business very well. We have shipped letters to Camp Pendelton for a wall of honor and seperately for a dedication to a fallen squad mate. We even made letters for a presidential library! Numerous business (including JC Penny) have come to us to layout letters for their signs inside and out. Schools have done fundraisers and some have had one of their clubs build a sign for the school.

When Sean started this business, he saw a need for letters that were not size to "industry standards". The industry standard sizing is to type the uppercase A, size it and the rest of the letters are size to that. That means if you ordered the word one, you would get letters smaller than what you ordered. Our shop sizes that example the size you order!

If you are looking for something special, give us a call and we would love to help you!

Sean and the Crafty Crew at BCrafty thanks you for your interest in our company!