Random Alphabet Set#1 - In Stock


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Random Alphabet Set#1 - In Stock

*** These are cut from 1/4" and/or 1/2" thick material ***

These are a fun way to decorate your child's bedroom, playroom, classroom or nursery. They are random fonts as shown in the picture. These will be the actual letters/fonts you receive. The letters range from 16" to 6" tall. The i and n have squares (separate pieces) that are 6". The are 29 pieces total including the 2 squares and the & sign.

**** Please know that the dot for the i will be connected to the i's base. In the picture it is shown as two pieces but it will be one piece****

These letters are very nicely sized. To lay them out as I have in the picture you would need 37" by 54" of wall space.I have them very close near touching in places. How darling these would look hanging over a crib or in a playroom. They are an educational addition to your child's room.

All letters are cut from 1/4" or/and 1/2" birch plywood and are unfinished/unpainted. We sand the front/back and lightly sand the edges. You will need to do a small amount of touch up sanding if you want the edges completely smooth.

PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any hanging attachments or holes in the backs. You can purchase double-sided foam tape or hangers at your hardware store to easily hang these on your wall.