Free Standing Plywood Letters

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  • Model: WLTHKFS


Free Standing Plywood Letters

About This Item:

These letters will be cut out of 3/4 inch thick baltic birch plywood.They will have a flattened bottom to help them stand up on their own. Letters that won't free stand on their own (like F and P) will have a base to help them stand better.

We do not recommend going taller than 18 inches. As with any freestanding letter, they can fall over with a light touch or breeze. This will be more problematic the taller the letters are.

This free standing letters will be sanded front/back and lightly sanded on the edges and will be unfinished/unpainted.

As the default size setting, all letters are measured off of the tallest letter you order for that font. If you order the word 'Letters', the upper case L will be the size you ordered and the other letters will size proportionately.

Pine wood letters are receommended for indoor use only


Characteristics of Baltic Birch Plywood:

One of our most popular materials to use to make letters. Stable and often used in high end cabinets makes this a great all around material for inside use. The way this is made results in virtually void free edges. This is one of our strongest materials available and we offer a wide selection of thicknesses.

  • Rot resistant - OK
  • Water resistant - No
  • Outdoor use - No
  • Strength - Good
  • Weight - Medium
  • Paint - Ok
  • Stain - Ok
  • Clearcoat - Good