Laser Cut Wooden Letters

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  • Model: LCL18


Laser Cut Wooden Letters

These letters are laser cut and are 1/8" thick.  They require no sanding and are ready to paint or display AS IS. 

Price is per wooden letter.

These letters are perfect to attach to larger letters, turn into christmas ornaments, sign making...etc.

As the default size setting, all letters are measured off of the shortest letter you order for that font. You may get letters that are taller than what you ordered, but never shorter. For example: if you order 'Mary', the 'a' will be the size you order and the rest of the letters will size proportionately. If you would like your first letter (uppercase letter) to be the size you are ordering, you will need to choose the "sized by tallest letter" option.

Please enter the word/name exactly as you want it, as this is how we will cut it. Please make sure to double check this before you place your order.