MDF Letters

MDF letters are ideal for those looking for inexpensive letters for a  child's bedroom, business or just about anywhere indoor. MDF is an indoor only material as water can make this material swell and the glue to dissolve. You can slow this from happening by using high quality outdoor paint and it will eventually succumb to the elements. We recommend you use outdoor wooden letters for outside sign projects.

MDF is made of compressed wood fibers and has a smooth front and back. The edges are very absorbent and will require a primer or sealer to achieve the desired look as the paint will "disappear" as it is absorbed into the MDF. Sealing the edges and faces reduces the amount of paint needed to cover the letters.

Painting MDF Letters is easy to do when you properly seal the edges. In the past we have used Mod Podge and primer to seal the edges of the MDF wood letters.

Painting MDF letters

Please wear a dust mask and goggles, to help make sure you don’t inhale the dust and prevent it from entering your eyes.

  1. Using 100 or 120 grit sandpaper, go over the faces and sides of the MDF letters. Wipe the surface clean with a cloth. You can have the cloth be very lightly dampened to help get more dust.
  2. Apply primer or sealer. The edges of MDF is highly absorbent and would require several more coats of paint if primer or sealer wasn't used first. You will want to sand with 220 grit sandpaper after the primer has dried. Before applying the next coat of primer, remove dust using a slightly dampened paper towel and apply your next coat of primer.
  3. Paint the color you are wanting the letters to be. Lightly sanding with 220 grit sandpaper in between coats will help make them come out smooth. This may take 2 or 3 coats depending on the color you are using. It may help on certain colors to have the primer tinted to the top coat of paint.