Wooden Monograms

Wooden Monograms

Monogram monograms are a great way to personalize an area. We make many types and styles for any kind of decor you may have. We have nautical themed, whimsy, holiday, and just about any kind of imaginable type of monogram you could think of. If we don't have it on here, ask for it and we can add it.

WoodenLetters.net is one of the leading sources for wooden letters in baltic birch, mdf, mdo and solid wood. Using only the highest quality materials for your letters, we cut the letters to size you need to fit your sign or wall area. Wood letters are also perfect for craft projects or as the project themselves.

Wood craft letters are ideal for making the letters pop and really personalize the home decor. Some ideas for crafting with letters are using mod podge to add pictures of your family to. Another great idea is using our peel and stick letters to apply to a larger letter. With a little searching on Pinterest, you can find many ideas for projects using letters.

We cut letters to order and this allows us to make exactly what you need, not just what we carry. If you are building a sign and have a specific area, please email or call us. We would love to help you get what you need to finish your project. With over a million letters cut, we have gotten pretty good at helping customers out with their projects. Wood letters is what we do each and every day!

We offer a keyhole option on certain styles of letters for an easier hanging option. Many of our customers have hot glued or tied ribbon for hanging, used silicone and even screws through the letters to hang them on the wall. Most of our letters flat on the back with no hanging option. If you need help, we recommend going to your local hardware store and ask them. With such a wide variety of wall materials available (brick, cement, drywall and stucco for example), we wouldn't be able to help in every instance. This to that (http://www.thistothat.com/) is a great place to find what glue works for wood to glass. Wood letters on a mirror or window frame would be a unique piece for your home!