Outdoor Wooden Letters - 1/2 Inch

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  • Model: WLMDO1-2


Outdoor Wooden Letters - 1/2 Inch

Perfect for painted wooden letters going outside. This material is often used in outdoor signs as a base to build the sign off of. The face features a resin paper that is very smooth. The smoothness and color is comparable to MDF. The core of MDO is pine and it makes a great light weight product.

About This Material:

  • Rot resistant - Excellent
  • Water resistant - Good
  • Outdoor use - Yes with a quality exterior finish
  • Strength - Good
  • Weight - Light
  • Paint - Excellent
  • Stain - No
  • Clearcoat - No

The price on these letters is per letter and will calculate correctly. If you are needing the name 'Christie', all you need to do is type in the name in the 'letters wanted' box. You do not need to change the quantity total.