PVC Letters and Numbers - 1/2 Inch

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  • Model: PVCLetters


PVC Letters and Numbers - 1/2 Inch

While this is not a wood material, it is still a great material to work with. Offered only in white, it doesn't require any prep work if you need white letters.

  • Rot resistant - Excellent
  • Water resistant - Excellent
  • Outdoor use - Yes
  • Strength - Medium, while it can break it tends to be more forgiving when handled
  • Weight - Light
  • Paint - Excellent with a high quality exterior latex paint and sanding prior to painting
  • Stain - No
  • Clearcoat - No

The price on these letters is per letter and will calculate correctly. If you are needing the name 'Christie', all you need to do is type in the name in the 'letters wanted' box. You do not need to change the quantity total.