Single Letter with an Crab Border Style 2

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  • Model: A130219 Style 2


Single Letter with an Crab Border Style 2

I think I've seen this guy before. Doesn't he live under the sea with that one guy with the rectangle pants? Maybe I'm mistaken.

  • This design is for a crab border with a single monogram letter inside
  • Your choice of either 1/2" or 1/4" baltic birch plywood
  • This item is measured by the height
  • Your item will come unfinished/unpainted
  • Recommended for indoor use only

The largest crab in the world is the giant Japanese Spider Crab, which can measure up to 13 feet across.

Crabs have large compound eyes made up of hundreds of tiny lenses.

The coconut crab is a giant hermit crab that lives on islands in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It weighs up to 10 pounds, making it the world’s largest land invertebrate