3D Connected Wooden Letters - 1/2 Inch

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  • Model: 3DLetters


3D Connected Wooden Letters - 1/2 Inch

These connected wooden letters have a plaque desgined to snuggle the connected letters and create an eye catching design.  The letters and plaque are lightly sanded and will come unfinished. We ship these two pieces (connected word and plaque) unconnected so you can paint each piece separately.

These are measured off the absolute highest point to the lowest point in the name or word. If you have a hanging letter (like a g) and a capital letter, we measure from the highest point to the lowest point.

We cannot ship anything that is longer than 36 inches, so please contact us if you have a question as to how wide your item will be.

Price is per wooden letter.

You must enter the name exactly as you want it. Please make sure to double check this when you order.